Lynn Kozak is an Associate Professor in Classics at McGill University and works on serial poetics in Homeric epic and contemporary North American television, with a special interest in queer television and horror. Kozak has published on the Iliad, Thucydides, and Greek tragedy, and has broader interests in Plato, the Second Sophistic, the reception and production of Greek performance texts, modern comparative texts, and critical theories. In media studies, Kozak has interest in serial narrative forms, and queer and genre television. Current research focuses on serial poetics in ancient epic and in contemporary North American television, building on their monograph on this subject, Experiencing Hektor: Character in the Iliad, released in 2016 with Bloomsbury Academic (open-access). Recent publications (2018-20) include the co-edited volume The Classics in Modernist Translation with Miranda Hickman, and articles on H.D.'s translations of Greek tragic choruses (with Miranda Hickman), Homeric fandom in Greek tragedy, and the progressive politics of FOX's The Exorcist. Forthcoming articles and book chapters focus on applying epic feature taxonomies to television serial narrative, "netflix" poetics in Stranger Things (with Martin Zeller-Jacques), characterisation in iZombie, genre hybridity in Lucifer, the reception of Achilles and Patroklos in NBC's Hannibal, and a piece on Homeric translation, performance, and dramaturgy. Works-under-contract include an edited volume on Scapegoat Carnivale's Greek Tragedy Trilogy, and pieces on Iliad 17 and contemporary queer receptions of Achilles and Patroklos (with Bruce King).